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Saratoga Springs Little League

Company:Saratoga Springs Little League - West Side

1- PA2X150 Amp

1- PA-EXMIX Mixing Microphone and Audio Extender

2- IC8-BB Sonic Vortex Speakers

4- PESV-8B Black outdoor rated speaker enclosures

4- PASBR Surface Mount Speaker brackets

1- Shure Wired Microphone

1- Shure Wireless Microphone Receiver (shared)


Easy and simple manual control using the dials on the PA-EXMIX and PA2X150


Friends and parents of the Saratoga Springs Little League were looking to give their players a big league feel to the game, while improving the audio quality of their current system due to complaints. Local residents complained that the audio was often too loud, not good, and was directed at their houses.

Parents as well as myself volunteered to make improvements in audio, while also making it easy for any parent to setup and use. After other similar situations in youth sports where parents looked to get more involved in their child’s overall experience, birthed the idea to develop the PA-EXMIX. A simple to use product that allows anyone to connect a microphone and audio source (typically phone) to mix audio while sending the audio over a single category cable to a receiver which is connected to an amplifier. When the mixing dial on the transmitter is all the way to the left, only microphone audio would be heard. When the mixing dial was set all the way to the right, only the audio source would be heard. When set to the middle, there would be a 50/50 mix which can be adjusted accordingly.

Once samples were received and the product was good to go, families volunteered for the installation, rented a lift and started the install. Since, multiple parents and families have been able to use the system make the most of their children’s ball games, make announcements, and conduct special ceremonies.


Company:AER Electrical Services LTD

6 external WP6V-BSC
6 Gallo acoustic speakers
1 IA-1250




Restaurant with outdoor bar/lounge
External speakers all Beale Street audio , internal speakers Gallo acoustic all fed from IA1250 to either supply music or sound for sports on TVs and projector

Barhaus bar and restaurant Glasgow


6 x Beale street 6.5” speakers in enclosures hung from ceiling trays in restaurant area
4 x Beale street 6.5” speakers in ceiling on bar area
1 x IA1250 amplifier connected by bridges mode to speakers each zone fed from a laptop connected to bus in, the volume on the laptop controls the volume on the speakers


Laptop control


Client required better sound over an old out of date 100v system, the location is unique with wide open ceilings and cavernous space, spec was to play music via a laptop so the IA1250 was perfect and the 6.5” ceiling enclosures were great to make fly in the eating area, we live the bohemian look and Beale street fits in great

Island Wing Company

Company:Island Wing Company

2-2×2 Video walls using 1 EVSP24VW each

1- 2×3 video wall using 2 EVSP24VW’s

3- 280711 3×1 HDMI switches

Multiple 280563 video scalers

Vanco HDMI cables


Vanco products are being used in the in the new video walls installed at the Island Wing Company in Tallahassee, FL. Multiple sources are able to be switched independently on any 3 of the EVSP24VW based video walls.

Corporate Construction Manager

Company:Rock-N-Roll Sushi

We have one 2×3 video wall and two 2×2 video walls and four 55” displays behind the bar and in the restrooms utilizing the Evolution EVSP24VW Video Wall Processor


We installed (18) displays including three video walls to play our 70’s and 80’s classic rock videos. The video walls greatly impact the customer experience at Rock-N-Roll Sushi locations

St. Louis, Missouri's Melvin Brewery

Company:Thoughtful Integrations

17×12 audio/video distribution system




“Integration was simple using the EVO-IP Control4 drive once the network was set. Quick switching and the ability to use 4K content on a system featuring 4K was quick, easy and reliable thanks to EVO-IP. Following Vanco’s best practices was key to a job well done.” – Joe Whitaker, Thoughtful Integrations

At Mevlin Brewing they wanted content that showed off their Ninja-themed venue. The 17×12 audio/video distribution system allows for Ninja movies to play all the time. Employees can effortlessly switch sources on any TV when local sporting events are on.

Devices Used Within the System:
AMS-2624P Luxul Switches
Control4 (Joe would know this part)
TCL Smart TV’s
8 4K AppleTV’s
4 Spectrum Cable Boxes

This Tex-Mex Inspired Sports Bar is Serving Up the Best in Food, Drink, and Live Broadcast Video Sourcing

Company:Integrity Wire Solutions

21 displays x 8 sources


AMS-2624P Luxul Switch


“The initial simplicity of setup is what appealed to me most. It’s very straightforward and manageable, and it’s also a cost-efficient solution. I like how you’re able to distribute the video throughout multiple sources without having to get too deep into the network switch.” – Jose Rivas, Integrity Wire Solutions

Milwaukee Avenue’s newest hot spot, The Old Plank, is a sports bar is equipped with several TVs for sports viewing, garage-style doors, an outdoor patio with fire pits, and locally brewed craft beer and cocktails. Because the modern agave and whiskey themed sports bar houses 21 TVs with eight different sources, ideal for when several popular sports teams are playing at the same time, or when a DJ is on-site, Hani realized he needed an effortless solution that his employees – primarily bartenders and wait staff – would be able to easily operate to switch between the various sources on the fly.

The EVO-IP HDMI over IP system simplified the process for managing, transmitting, and receiving AV signals and controlling hundreds of devices over a local network. Unlike other similar solutions on the market, EVO-IP is also fully customizable, and easy to design, integrate and install so it would offer the perfect solution for efficiently routing video to several locations at The Old Plank.

Houston Met Fitness Club

Company:Club Corp

9 Directv boxes, 9 EVOIPTX1, 9EVOIPRX1, 1 EVOIPCTL1, 9 LG 55LV35 Video Wall Displays


EVO-IP App and iPAD


The Houston Met Fitness Club features 9 displays in a 3×3 video wall. Presets allow for the video wall to be configured in several ways including: a single source on all 9 displays as a video wall, 9 sources individually on each display (1 to 1), and one source set as a 2×2 video wall in the top left with individual sources on single displays on the surrounding 5 displays.

Custom text was created to be overlaid on top of the video display to notify members of messages, such as “the club will be closing in 15 minutes.”