• 3.5mm Audio Extender Over Cat5e/cat6 Cable

3.5mm Audio Extender over Cat5e/Cat6 Cable

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  • Allows Audio Signals via 3.5mm connection to be transmitted and extended using a single Cat5e/6 cable
  • Extends the distance of an audio device or any device sending information via 3.5mm connection
  • Ideal for extending audio over a long distance
  • Passive- No Power Supply Required
  • Transmission Range: Extends up to 240ft using a single Cat5e/6
  • Adapter pigtail length: 4 inches
  • Set of 2 audio baluns; 1 receiver and 1 transmitter

Tech Support Tips:

    • The pinout configuration document for this product is located within the downloads tab. Note that “L” is the LEFT channel audio, and “R” is the RIGHT channel audio.
    • Both the 280754 and 280756 units use the same pinout configuration, and thus can be interchanged to extend and convert 3.5mm to RCA and vice versa.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 0.1 in





Transmission Distance

231 – 330 ft

280754 3.5mm Analog Audio Extender and 280756 RCA Analog Audio Extender Pinout Configuration

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