High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet and RedMere™ Chip

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  • HDMI Cables powered by RedMere’s technology are only 25% of the size of a standard HDMI cable and because they are light and ultra-thin they are easier to bend- route and disguise
  • This next-generation cable technology allows for significantly thinner gauges- which increases cable management capability and reduces weight without sacrificing signal quality
  • Active amplification is provided by the RedMere chip. This technology allows data speed to exceed 10.2 Gbps up to 100 ft.
  • HDMI cables with RedMere technology are thinner- lighter- more flexible- and easier to route in a home theater- plus they are more portable and easier to carry with laptops or portable video gear
  • Enables IP-based applications over HDMI
  • Supports 3D
  • Supports 4K x 2K and 1080p
  • Data Speed Transfer: Exceeds 10.2 Gbps
  • ABS Connector 12 and 15 ft
  • 12 and 15ft Connector size:
    • Source side: .78″ L x .77″ W x .31″H
    • TV side: 1″ L x .77″ W x .31″ H
  • 20 ft and Up Connector size:
    • Source side: .98″ L x .77″ W x .39″ H
    • TV Side: 1.13″ L x .77″ W x .39″ H
  • PVC Connector 20 ft and Up
  • UL Listed
  • CL3 Rated 20 ft and Up

Note:  Due to the precise manufacturing process of Redmere HDMI Cables- use with HDMI Couplers/Extenders during final cable intallation is not recommended. This cable is designed to be connected directly from Source to TV. 

Vanco recommends Redmere cables be utilized from point to point- due to the nature of the Redmere chip’s process of pulling and amplifying the signal to it at the display end.  If needed- Redmere can be combined with HDMI distribution products such as splitters- matrix units- and switchers- however there is a higher chance of compatibility issues depending on the combination of components connected. 

Redmere cables are not recommended to be used with HDMI extenders- as the extension- whether it is Category cable or Coax cable- should be doing the bulk of the extension.  Redmere cables are typically used for longer cable runs.

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