• TVB613LCD/Plasma TV Box™ Box

LCD/Plasma TV Box™ Box

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Organizes Power Outlets and Audio/Video/Data Connections for Easy Installation

  • Recessed Box that Allows LCD/Plasma TVs or Furniture to go Flush Against the Wall
  • Plugs Stay Inside the Box – Does not Extend Past the Wall
  • Allows Two (2) Duplex Receptacles (or Use the Voltage Separator for One Duplex Power and One Low Voltage Outlet)
  • Two (2) Built-In Mounts for Low Voltage Use Such as Speakers- Satellite- TV- Surround Sound- or Datacom Connections.
  • Can be Used for Retrofit or New Construction
  • Ideal for Installing Cable- Category Networking Cable- Home Theater- Audio- Security- and Telephone
  • Smooth PVC Construction Protects Cables from Damage
  • 13” Wide Box Mounts Between 16” O.C. Studs for a Secure Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Includes a Textured- Paintable Face Plate that Covers the
    Edges of the Cut Drywall
  • UL and CSA Listed

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