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Power Strip Surge Protector, 10 AC, 1 USB-C, 1 USB-A, 6 ft.

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  • MAXIMUM SAFETY GUARANTEED: Ensure the safety of your home and office appliances with Monster’s Power Strip set; Utilizing top-grade technology, these Power Strips are designed to prevent even the most unforeseen voltage spikes
  • CLEAN AND CRISP SOUND AND IMAGE: The power in your home is subject to EMI/RFI interference that can affect your TVs picture and sound, so taking electronics support up a notch, Monster’s Power Strip extension cord with multiple outlets and USB ports provides clean power; This takes on the dirty power to help ensure you get crystal clear image and detailed sound; Don’t let your 4K UHD TV or computer display be a magnifying glass for interference
  • FEATURES MONSTER FIREPROOF MOV TECHNOLOGY: Made of durable hardware materials, these Power Strips can carry heavy power loads all at the same time; Monster’s Power Strip Surge Protectors feature a custom Fireproof MOV (Metal Oxide Varostor) technology that helps you protect your electronics from storms and surges, and prevents electrical fires that can cause irreparable damage to your items and home. Simply put, they are built to last
  • USB CHARGING AT ITS FINEST WITH AN LED POWER INDICATOR: With a USB charging feature, Monster’s Power Strips do not only protect your appliances; They also power your mobile and computer devices by connecting a cable line, antenna, or satellite using a dual coaxial
  • SLEEK, FRESH DESIGN: Monster absolutely nailed the sizing of its new Power Strip product as it features the perfect aesthetic and size so it can easily be stashed on your wall or behind your furniture; Monster’s Power Strips are designed to fit into any interior arrangement and are sleek enough to be a part of any home motif – now you can place it anywhere in your house without being concerned about its proportions
  • JOULE RATING: 4050

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