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Wall Tap Surge Protector, 6 AC

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  • BLOCKS NOISE AND INTERFERENCE: Monster wall mount surge protectors are capable of blocking noise and interference in your entertainment systems through its Monster Clean Power technology. This ensures that your systems work at peak levels so you get better sound and picture
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED: Safeguards your electronics and equipment from permanent damage due to power surges caused by storms or outages; our wall tap surge protector with USB can also prolong the life of your gadgets
  • FIREPROOF MOV TECHNOLOGY: Monster’s wall mount surge protectors feature MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology which prevents electrical fires that can cause irreparable damage to your items and home
  • MOBILE DEVICES CHARGING: This surge protector safeguards not only your equipment but powers and protects mobile devices, like a smartphone or tablet. Clean Electrical Power is full of performance degrading noise and interface (EMI/RFI). Clean Power filtration is precession-engineered to remove the effects of dirty power.
  • PROTECTION INDICATOR: This wall mounted surge protector has a built-in LED light that indicates when your devices are protected and when your wiring is properly grounded

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