Breakthrough New Technology, Vanco’s HDBaseT Boost

Breakthrough New Technology, Vanco’s HDBaseT Boost


Batavia, IL … Vanco International is excited to introduce and announce its entry into the CEPro Best Awards with HDBaseT Boost, a revolutionary new product that turns outdated HDMI cables into rich 2-way HDBaseT cables delivering 3D and 4K video, bi-directional IR, RS-232 control signals, and Ethernet over cables that were never designed to perform with those high specifications.

Hundreds of thousands of HDMI cables have been buried in walls, ceilings, floors, crawl spaces, behind drywall, tile and even in stone making the cost to upgrade wiring greater than the want for new technology. That rebuttal is no longer valid. Vanco teamed up with Integrator/Inventor Joe Whitaker to introduce this patent pending video distribution method. The HDBaseT technology utilized allows the HDMI audio and video signals to travel over a single Category 5e or Category 6 UTP cable or any HDMI cable from spec 1.2 to present from the transmitter to the receiver. With HDBaseT Boost every single HD Video Location with HDMI only is now compatible with every new video technology including 4k with Ethernet and Device Control options.

The HDBaseT Boost Extender makes upgrades easier on integrators and less expensive and invasive on consumers. HDBaseT Boost sends HDBaseT signals up to 150 feet over HDMI or 300 feet over both Category 5e or Category 6 cables making it an extremely flexible solution.

The transmitter features an HDMI input and then both HDBaseT HDMI output and RJ45 output for running HDBaseT over Cat5e or Cat6. Also, 2 RJ45 jacks are available for running Ethernet or various control signals. The receiver allows for and HDBaseT HDMI or RJ45 input as well as two additional RJ45 inputs and then one single HDMI output. By supporting HDMI 1080p, 3D, 4K/2K, 24 bit/48 bit deep color and various audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, HDBaseT Boost is truly sending the technology of today over the wires of yesterday.