Finally….Full 5 Play

Full 5-Play specifications incorporate audio, video, control, Ethernet, and power. For years it seems the industry was simply using HDBaseT for its long-range benefits over a single category cable. Uncompressed audio, video, and control over a single cable over 200 or 300ft over a single Cat5e certainly opened additional doors to the world of the custom integrator, but in reality, this was barely even touching the full capabilities of the technology.

Various products such as audio video receivers, televisions, and projectors have started to embrace the standard and are incorporating HDBaseT ports on their devices alongside HDMI. TV’s are currently on the market that even utilize HDBaseT for power so that no power cords are needed. Incorporating audio, video, control, Ethernet, and power all through a single category cable simply makes installations more efficient by utilizing less time, money and materials. Compared to other standards of passing HDMI over Category cable, HDBaseT does not require as much manual EDID (electronic display identification data) or EQ (equalization) and as previously mentioned, can allow an HDMI signal to travel over much greater distances.

There are quite a few HDBaseT products in the Vanco and Evolution lines ranging from the EVMX4016 16×16 matrix to point to point extender solutions such as the EVEX2003 or 280626. Every time the trucks or vans are rolled to a site, there is more money coming out of your pocket. By choosing the right products the first time, you will save time, money, and energy in the long haul while also maintaining your customer relationship for years to come.