Vanco Unveils Versatile Outdoor Speaker Kit with Landscape Subwoofer

The Beale Street Outdoor Speaker Kit includes speakers, mounting accessories, and a landscape subwoofer for complete, easy-to-install sound reinforcement.

Batavia, IL – February 27, 2024 Vanco International LLC, an AV industry leader in audio, distribution and electronic accessory products, today announced the launch of the LSKIT-BSC Beale Street Audio Outdoor Speaker Kit. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, the LSKIT-BSC can be used for applications ranging from al fresco dining areas and beer gardens to patios and pool decks.

Speaker Kit Components

LSKIT-BSC includes four WP4V-BSC 4-inch on-wall/pendant speakers, four WPV-LAND speaker

mounting kits, and one LS10-BSC 10-inch downfiring subwoofer. This speaker bundle delivers rich, even coverage for areas up to 900 square feet.  The Beale Street Outdoor Speaker Kit can also be easily extended with additional speakers from the Beale Street Audio outdoor line, allowing integrators to cover a wider area or scale the system over time.

The Beale Street Difference

Beale Street Audio is engineered for reliability, performance and value.

“Each element of the Beale Street Outdoor Speaker Kit is designed to deliver incredible sound for the client and exceptional ease for the integrator,” said Tom Oliver, Director of Commercial AV for Vanco. “We created the most flexible products possible so that integrators can confidently spec them for any project.”

Beale Street 4-inch on-wall/pendant speakers are true two-way speakers, with both a woofer and tweeter, delivering excellent clarity and frequency response relative to their size.  The WPV-LAND speaker mounting kit enables integrators to mount these speakers anywhere, including staking speakers in the turf, mounting them on a concrete deck or brick wall, or suspending them from a covered porch ceiling.

The LS10-BSC 10-inch landscape subwoofer provides powerful bass in a practical form factor. Unlike typical landscape subwoofers that must be buried, the LS10-BSC can be quickly and easily installed without damage to the landscape. This downfiring subwoofer works equally well on a turf, deck or patio surface.

All Beale Street Outdoor components are built for year-round outdoor use. The on-wall/pendant speakers have an IP66 rating, and the subwoofer has an IP65 rating. Like all Beale Street speakers, Vanco backs the Beale Street Audio outdoor line with a lifetime warranty.

“We wanted to create a simple solution that addresses a wide variety of outdoor applications,” said White. “With this kit, Beale Street beats the competition on performance, value, flexibility and simplicity.”