• Evolution Hdmi® 4 X 4 Multi Format Matrix With Video Wall And Seamless Multiview
  • Evolution Hdmi® 4 X 4 Multi Format Matrix With Video Wall And Seamless Multiview
  • Evolution Hdmi® 4 X 4 Multi Format Matrix With Video Wall And Seamless Multiview
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Evolution HDMI® 4 x 4 Multi-format Matrix with Video Wall and Seamless Multiview

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This product has been discontinued.


  • High-performance matrix with multiple modes to produce seamless matrix switching- as well as having multiview- and video wall modes
  • The switching mode of the matrix allows the speed of switching to be controlled allowing inputs to fade in and fade out
  • Multiview mode allows all of the sources to be seen on the displays equally in Quad-view- or in PIP with a main source being larger than the other smaller sources
  • Video Wall mode allows the matrix to be configured to fit a 2×2 video wall with vertical and horizontal adjustments to account for different sized display bezels
  • Built-in scaler function to achieve a variety of formats to a unified output signal with embedding audio.
  • Supports RS-232- remote control- on-panel control and TCP/IP Control
  • HDMI1.3- DVI1.0- and HDCP Compliant
  • Input video supports HDMI- VGA and C-video
  • Supports input resolutions: HDMI: 480i to 1080p- VGA:1920 x 1080P@60Hz- 1360 x 768P@60Hz- 1280 x 1024P@60Hz- 1024 x 768P@60Hz- 1280 x 720P@60Hz- 1280 x 768P@60Hz- 800 x 600@60Hz- 640 x 480P@60Hz- CV: Supports PAL- NTSC3.58- NTSC4.43- SECAM- PAL/M- PAL/N standard TV formats
  • Supports smart EDID management
  • Picture Adjustment Settings
  • Automatically adjust the VGA and Composite video input
  • Supports power-off memory
  • Power Supply: 12V/2.5A DC
  • Dimensions: 17.32” W x 1.75” H x 7.87” D

Tech Support Tips:

    • For extending output(s) over Cat5e/6, Evolution HDBaseT extenders are recommended

Package Contents:

4×4 Matrix EVMX44SL
(4) Wideband IR Tx cables
(5) Wideband IR Rx cables
Mixed Matrix IR Remote
12V/2.5A DC power supply
2 Mounting ears
RS232 cable
Product Manual

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 4.5 in



Full HD 1080p





Transmission Distance

0 – 50 ft


Multiview, Videowall

EVMX44SL Product Manual


EVMX44SL Sales Sheet


EVMX44SL Control Software


EVMX44SL Control4 Serial Driver


EVMX44SL Crestron Serial Driver


EVMX44SL ELAN Serial Driver


EVMX44SL RTI Serial Driver


EVMX44SL URC Serial Driver


EVMX44SL IR Hex Commands


EVMX44SL RS232 and IR Protocol and Commands

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